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What if there was a simpler way to get equipped in all things Jesus?

Storyverse gives access to the best seminaries have to offer, but in a simple, structured path designed to meet you were you are at in all the craziness of life and wherever you are at in your journey with Jesus.

Instead of going to seminary, we’re bringing seminary-level training to you and your churches.


Celin B. 

Storyverse allowed me to explore and experience God and his word in a whole new way. It provides insight to a misunderstood God and allows us to see Jesus’s presence from beginning to end.
Derek does a spectacular job in teaching. His refreshing approach captures your attention and allows you to see things in a new light. It motivates a desire to spend time with the Lord.

Quentan T.

What the Holy Spirit has been doing in me through Storyverse is challenging to adequately explain in words.
The content offered have been transformative in my understanding of God’s great love for us and has also exponentially grown my passion for the Lord.
This is life changing!

Julia B.

Walking through Storyverse Institute was truly a life-changing. It helped me experience the depth and fulfillment found through engaging with the word of God, specifically the Old Testament.
Through the classes, the Lord has given me a hunger for his word like never before and continued to solidly my beliefs as I engage with the text. It has been a tremendous gift to be taught by Derek and build sweet relationships with my fellow students.
Only by God's grace, moving through God's people.

We are a non-profit ministry helping people fall more in love with Jesus by experiencing, embracing, and enjoying the story they were made for.

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Image by Brooke Cagle
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