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Launch an Institute

Everything you need to launch and lead


We take care of your program so you can take care of your people.

Instead of sending someone to seminary, what if seminary style training came to you? 

Our program is a pre-packed approached with over 100 videos, assignments, assessments, and every aspect of an Institute program, but in a digital format.


The best part is our program is designed to be customized by adding your own material so that your program is uniquely you.



Connection Call

Get one-on-one help from our experienced team. We will share best practices or just be a sounding board for you. This one hour call is FREE to anyone interested in implementing an Institute training program in their local church or ministry.



Want a plug-and-play system? We have one for you! In fact, we have a completely customizable program you can keep as is or drag and drop your own content. This makes the program  uniquely fit your ministry context. 


Ongoing Coaching

Not only will you get our playbook for launching and leading an Institute program, but we will be there for you every step of the way. This includes leadership resources, best practices, ongoing access to our team, and a simple strategy to recruit participants.

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Walk in Confidence

Your Institute participants are receiving high quality, easily accessible, biblically saturated, and christ exalting training in all aspects of ministry.

Create a Leadership Pipeline

By having people go through this program each year, you are able to ensure that your next hire is not only the right fit, but is already up to speed on the ins-and-outs of your church or ministry.

Cost Efficient

Implement your Institute without the need to hire a full time staff member to create, lead, and oversee the program.

We understand church budgets

This entire ministry was launched and lead by former pastors who get the realities of a church budget. Our heart is to make an easily accessible, high value, cost efficient solution to your ministry needs.

Average Cost of Seminary Per Person
$7,500 per semester |  $50,000-75,000 total cost

Our Cost | Beta Cost

Example for 5 Participants
$3,000 (set-up cost)
$3,000 (coaching cost)
$5,000 (participant cost)

Total Cost for 5 Participant Program 
$11,000 for first full year
$5,000 for following years*

*set-up cost and coaching cost optional after year one

Deciding to partner with Storyverse to launch our Institute program was a no-brainer! Storyverse brings the playbook, templates, and top notch curriculum. We get a custom fit program that feels just like our church's DNA. There’s no quicker or more affordable way to start a church Institute!

Chris Clark
Faithbridge Church, Spring, Texas

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  • What to expect
    Once you begin you will get access to our online course, giving you access to over 100 videos covering everything listed below. If in a cohort, you will be placed with your group with a leader from our team. If working through as an individual, you can begin any time. You will receive your books in the mail. You should expect the weekly time commitment of 5-7 hours for videos, reading, reflection, and response. We recommend carving out an hour each day for these assignments. If in a cohort, you will meet monthly over zoom or in-person with guided questions, prompts, and further exercises. There will also be a oral exams at the end of each semester covering the material you learned throughout the program and our God, ministry, life assessment.
  • The Story of the Old Testament
    Move through the biblical narrative focusing on the historical books of the Old Testament. Survey of prophets and wisdom literature seeing how they fit into the larger narrative. Learn keywords and short outlines of each section and book in the Old Testament. Work through major movements in order to see the story of Scripture the way Jesus and the original audience experienced it.
  • The Story of the New Testament
    Experience an in-depth look at the gospel accounts and the life of Christ. Deep dive into the book of Romans understanding its theology and themes. Work through a survey of the New Testament letters and where they fit in the story of Scripture. Understand Revelation in light of the entire biblical narrative.
  • Theology and Apologetics
    Understand and articulate core Christian doctrine including: God, God’s Word, God’s Creation, God’s Son, God’s Spirit, God’s Church, God’s Salvation, God’s Future. Learn simple ways to share complex theological ideas in a conversational manner. Work through core convictions of the faith coming to your own convictions. Memorize key passage.
  • Soul Care, Ministry, and Practice
    Reorienting yourself back to God Develop the habits of soul care practices Learning God's Word Teaching God's Word Shepherding and counseling with God's Word Leading with God's Word Living in light of God's Word
  • What if cost is still an issue?
    The heart of this ministry is to make more in-depth training accessible to as many people as possible. Although our price is only a small fraction of what a seminary would be, we understand that this still may be out of reach for some people. If cost is an issue, please contact us directly so we can see if there is anything we can do to help.
  • How long is this program?
    Storyverse Institute is a 10 unit program. Each unit takes roughly a month to complete (some longer, some shorter). Our cohorts are 10 months long with a break between the Old and New Testament. If you go through the program individually, you can go at your own speed with the recommended pace of 8 months to a year. Those going through the program individually may choose to take longer, but should be careful to not take too long and hinder the effectiveness of the course.

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