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Image by Dominik Kempf

Creation and the Cross

Passion Week Devotionals

Remember and reflect on the death and resurrection of Jesus by connecting them back to creation.


Mini-Series Trailer

Trailer | 2 min

Connect the moments of the cross back to creation in these devotionals.

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01 The True King, the Triumphal Entry, and the Temple.

10 min

When Jesus entered into Jerusalem, he is declaring himself to be the king. Only Jesus does everything very... Jesus-like.

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02 The Last Supper and the Start of Something New

13 min

On the night before Jesus died, he gathered together with his disciples to celebrate the Passover Seder. Jesus breaks the norm and goes off script. 

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03 The Curse and the Crown

7 min

The King will wear a crown, just not the one anyone expected.

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04 Victory at a Cost

9 min

What God promised in the beginning was accomplished by Jesus on the Cross. This was the greatest of victories that came at the gravest of cost.

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05 A Bride from His Side

6 min

A pierced side. A bride coming forth. Where have I seen that before?

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06 The New Tree of Life

6 min

The center of creation, the story, and eternity are the same two things: a tree of life and a river of blessing.

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07 Rest in the Grave

2 min 

As we sit in the silence of the grave, we hold onto hope that Sunday is coming.

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08 The Spirit and Shalom

6 min

On the cross, Jesus breathed his last. In the resurrection, he breathed anew... and returned something we lost: the Spirit and shalom.

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