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Starting the Story

Before you begin

In these opening episodes, discover the purpose and nature of the Scriptures and prepare to enter into the story of Jesus.


Podcast Trailer

Trailer | 3 min

A conversation through the story of Scripture seeing Jesus at the center.

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01 Starting the Story

Overview | 28 min

Get a glimpse into the heart of Storyverse Podcast and an overview of our seven season conversation through the biblical narrative. 

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02 When Jesus Enters Your Story

Luke 24 | 55 min

Jesus meets us where we're at in order to reveal to us who he is. No matter your background, Jesus invites us on a journey into a bigger story.

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03 What the Bible is (not)

Overview | 51 min

In this episode we explore 10 things that the Bible is and isn't. When we orient ourselves to the Scriptures, the story will come alive like never before.

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04 The Story You Are Living In

Overview | 45 min

We all live in a story we tell ourselves. Regardless of the story you think you are living in, Jesus is inviting us into a bigger and better story.

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