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God's Creation

Season One | Genesis 1-11

Explore the opening chapters of Scripture and discover what they show us about God, ourselves, and the world we live in.


Season One Trailer

Overview | 3 min

In season one we explore God's Creation from Genesis 1-11.

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01 Invited In

Overview | 57 min

Creation is God's invitation to us to know and love him. So let's begin the story where it actually begins, with God's heart to invite us into his love.

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02 God of Creation

Genesis 1:1-3 | 48 min

Creation is not mainly about creation. Creation is about the God of creation. Creation is a canvas where we see the character of God on display.

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03 Form and Fullness

Genesis 1:1-25 | 56 min

God created a world beaming with life and potential. Where there was formlessness, he creates from. Where this is void, he creates fullness and life. 

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04 In His Image

Genesis 1:26-31 | 59 min

At the height of creation, God made us to look like him in character, love like him in his compassion, and lead like him by co-creating this world with him.

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05 The Rest of God

Genesis 2:1-3 | 67 min

The culmination of creation is not God doing, but God resting. God calls his people to mimic him by inviting them into the rest he offers.

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06 At Home with God

Genesis 2:4-25 | 58 min

The Garden of Eden shows the ultimate picture of the world that was meant to be. A place for our souls to be at home with God.

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07 From Eden to Eden

Theme | 52 min

Eden represents God's space and human's space overlapping as God is fully with his people in a state of love, joy, and peace. 

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08 The Chaos Creature

Genesis 3:1-7 | 54 min

In a few subtle statements, this chaos creature deceives mankind into choosing life outside of God.  His tactics have not changed. 

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09 The First Gospel

Genesis 3:7-24 | 62 min

In the midst of sin and chaos, God moves towards the brokenness. He draws man out. He ask questions. He declares a promise that he will make things right.

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10 Out of Eden

Genesis 4-5 | 64 min

Two men. Two paths. Two choices. Two very different outcomes. See what becomes of humanity once they leave the Garden of Eden. 

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11 God Remembers Noah

Genesis 6-9 | 55 min

The center of the Noah story reveals the heart of God. In the midst of justice, God always remembers grace and mercy to those who trust him. 

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12 Babel (Anti-Eden)

Genesis 10-11 | 44 min

Where we build our little sandcastles of success and security, God invites us into his eternal salvation and kingdom where Jesus reigns forever.

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13 Q+R from Season One

Recap | 57 min

How does creation and evolution align? Who was Cain's wife? Did animals talk before the fall? How do we know when Scripture is being figurative?

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14 Ten Lessons from Season One

Recap | 61 min

As we close out season one, Derek and Mackenzie share 10 lessons they have taken from Genesis 1-11 (each sharing 5 a piece).

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