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God's People

Season Two | Genesis 12-Deuteronomy

See how one man became an entire nation that God would bless to be a blessing to the world.


Season Two Trailer

Trailer | 4 min

In season two we explore God's people from Genesis 12-Deuteronomy. 

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01 The Story So Far (and Still to Come)

Overview | 67 min

Take a look back and where we have been, where we are going, and how it fits into the entire story of Scripture (and your story as well!)

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02 The Call of God

Genesis 12:1-3 | 47 min

Out of the chaos of Babel, God selects one individual to bless in order to bless the world. God's heart is to create a new family to dwell in a new Eden with him. 

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03 The Journey with God

Genesis 12-25 | 67 min

The journey of faith is not a straight shot of perfection. It is a slow steady journey of progress over time. This is seen in the life of Abraham.

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04 The Promises of God

Genesis 12, 15, 17 | 70 min

See God as the promise keeping God he is as we continue to trust the final fulfillment of God’s promise to Abraham in Christ.

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05 The Sacrifice of God

Genesis 22 | 57 min

By the end of his life, Abraham trust God so fully that he is willing to give up what he loves the most. Yet, it is ultimately God who makes the sacrifice.

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06 Deception and Blessing

Genesis 25-36 | 62 min

What does God do when we keep returning to our old sin patterns? Will God bless a liar and a deceiver like Jacob (and us)?

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07 From Pit to Palace

Genesis 37-50 | 64 min

Where is God in life's strange turns? This life of Joseph shows us that God is sovereign in the pits and in the palaces of life.

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08 The God who Sees

Exodus 1-2 | 45 min

When God's people are hurting, he sees, hears, remembers, knows, and ultimately moves towards us as we cry out to him.

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09 Call and Response

Exodus 3-4 | 52 min

What excuses do you bring to God? Moses had 5. Each one sheds light on why we often say no to God and how God responds.

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10 Love and Strength

Exodus 5-11 | 49 min

God is loving enough to want to save his people and strong enough to be able to save his people. God's love and strength are on full display in the Exodus event.

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11 The God who Redeems

Exodus 12-15 | 56 min

The Exodus event is a shadow of our own salvation story in Christ as he ushers in the true and final Exodus from our slavery to sin.

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12 The God who is

Exodus 16-40 | 64 min

As God has redeemed his people, he now reveals to his people more fully who he truly is.

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13 The Law and Leviticus

Exodus 18-Leviticus | 59 min

Within the Law and Leviticus we see the heart of God to love and lead his people and ultimately make a way where their was no way.

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14 Into the Wilderness with God

Numbers 1-21 | 55 min

What was meant to be a few week trip turned into 40 years of training, trials, and testing in order for the people of God to walk in faith and trust in God.

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15 Three Failures of Faith

Numbers 13-21 | 60 min

After everything the people of God have seen in the Exodus event, they still choose to reject God when tested the wilderness. 

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16 What God wants for his Family

Numbers 21-36 | 57 min

As God continues to train his people in the wilderness, a series of stories shed light on the heart of God for his family.

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17 The Final Words of Moses

Deuteronomy | 56 min

What would you say if you only had one last message to give to people you love? That is what Moses does in the book of Deuteronomy. 

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18 Q+R from Season Two

Q+R | 63 min

Did Jesus die during an eclipse? Was Jacob delirious when he saw the vision of God? Do Christians obey the Old Testament Law?

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19 Ten Take-aways from Season Two

Q+R | 39 min

In this episode, each of us shares 3 different take-aways from our conversation in Genesis 12-Deuteronomy.

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